Freethinker by definition, inspired by challenging the status quo, because he’s convinced that getting stuck in the paradigms is the biggest enemy of change and innovation. Even though he knows he shouldn’t believe everything people say he has still made that mistake more thant once. Entrepreneur by pure passion, which has led him to participate in an array of diverse projects over the past 20 years, from potato cultivation to business consulting. Activist by conviction, he believes full heartedly that it is possible to make this world a better place for everyone. However, that said, he is still awaiting his invitation to join the Justice League.. He practices yoga regularly, has “acquired love” for art, loves traveling and walking through the eastern hills of Bogota. He achieves amazing results with his clients from the mixture that he puts to his systemic thinking of work, knowledge, insight, depth, skill, love and creativity.

Economist from the Universidad de los Andes (Andes University). Certified in Coaching by Coachville Spain. Certified in Consulting and Systemic Counseling by Sensory Systems Training UK. Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming. Teacher Training with NLP Diploma in Human Potential Institute of Spain. Facilitator with certified training in Open Space Technology and the World Café methodology. He has 15 years of experience working in management consultancy, strategy, change management, organizational transformation, leadership, cultural change and innovation management. He has worked as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach with more than 80 organizations of different sizes and sectors, including multilateral and public entities in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States of America. He has been a speaker and workshop leader on important events in Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In his career he has participated in more than 5 projects and has held management positions in marketing and sales as well as general manager. He has been a professor at the Universidad de los Andes, Universidad del Valle, Incolda, University of Rosario and the University of the Sabana. He has been a member of various boards and co-founder of the Conversation Institute (Instituto de la Conversación).