A lover of nature and extreme sports. He loves cycling and jogging. Perhaps there’s not anyone in the world who dislikes vegetables more than him, but when he has to he eats them with a wince Disciplined, risky and very graceful. He defines a “perfect” holiday as being at placeswhere he manages to abandon technology and when he returns with bumps, scars and bites, not being locked in a hotel, but exploring plains, jungles, mountains, caves, rivers and more. Detests hierarchies, because he is a firm believer that respect is earned by the human being who is and not by having a senior position. Few know it, but he is an inveterate partygoer and a movie addict. He is in a continuous process of development, because no one is the “finished product”.

Studied International Business Management at Rosario University. Has studied Community Management on Search Engine SEO and SEM on Marketing OnLine Institute of Spain. Has been working in CAUAC for 4 years; most of the time holding the position of Junior Analyst, but earned his promotion to Consulting Analyst, thanks to his merits. With responsibility for digital marketing, and achieving organizational objectives raised and sales goals commitments.

Throughout the training process he has trained in various areas as consultative selling, strategy and management and empowering leadership, with more than 530 hours of training in these areas.