Restless since she was born, impatient of life. Fan of adventures, the unexpected and the unpredictable. Seeker of new experiences; a woman of deep thoughts and infinite imagination. Of complex tastes and opinions. Amateur photographer since childhood, loves good food, trips that connect her with nature and herself. With an inexplicable fascination for music (any kind), books and always trying to figure out what the world and people hide. Goes through life looking for another accomplice with whom to discuss and share. Urban cyclist, proud Bogotan.

Industrial designer from Javeriana University. She began as a design apprentice in Cauac and now serves as “Junior Designer” supporting the team in everything related to design, marketing and logistics. As a complement to her personal and professional development she has taken training in consultative sales, strategy and management, empowering leadership, project management, design, management design in production environments, design and competitiveness, marketing and basic photography, with over 320 hours preparation and training in these areas.