Creator, persevering, scout, cadet and a dreamer in life since he thought he was “Moonlight Mask”. Lover of dogs, and all things canine and other animals. Cook and gardener since 2006 currently devoted to help, create, care & fulfill dreams through the transformation processes in which he participates.

Manuel began his career as a professional salesman selling the first personal computers from Apple and IBM, developing a very high level training process for more than 5 years at Xerox Colombia & Mexico, to establish himself as manager of the 100 Key Account Company . He started as a business consultant in 1993 working with signatures as Pedro Gomez & Co., Challenger, Ospinas, Apotema, Jeans & Jackets.; combining training tools with business management models. He was linked to various sectors of the economy as Sales and National Sales Manager for over 15 years in companies such as Xerox Colombia, Pedro Gomez & Cia .., Holguines Group, Port Society of Buenaventura, Aval Group and other companies where his main contribution was to achieve the compliance of large commercial challenges of a sales force up to 2,000.

Business Administrator at the Javeriana University, specialized in Sales Management, Value Selling Coach – Siemens Learning Campus Latam, Professional Speaker Latam Sales Convention. Mentor for Sales Managers. Professor of Marketing & Sales – Javeriana University / ULACIT Panama. The implementation of the model “The System of Extraordinary Results” has allowed companies like Coomeva to double their average sales between 1 and 2 years. The system is built on the deepest source of inspiration for the sales forces with its powerful capacity for self-managing and achieve extraordinary results. Tools and models are easy to implement and connectable with existing business management systems in the advised companies.