She enjoys her many talents through art, teaching and consulting,lacks only doing it through song. Her journey positions her as manager and facilitator of the individual and collective transformation of conscious to generate a sustainable lifestyle to inhabit the planet. Passionate by artistic expressions, nature, travel, love, music, sea, transformation and communications; of motion and feeding the body and soul. For her, food is the Path. She believes in the power of simplicity and the greatness of every human being. Fascinated by being a woman and a Colombian, she is absolutely convinced of the value of the expression of talent and freedom of authenticity. Inhales and connects to her environment, her clients, her work, her creativity and life from the presence that has brought the practice of Zen Buddhism. Photographer, dancer and yoga teacher.

Lawyer of the University of the Andes, with a Master in International Economic Law from the Sorbonne University –Paris, with emphasis on social responsibility. Certified by Newfield Network on Ontological Coaching-Chile, and Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach by the Insititute for Integrative Nutrition–NYC. She has been professor of Intellectual Property at the Andes University and ICESI. Teaches Leadership and law at the Andes University. Her career is summarized as Coach, facilitator, consultant and advocate for human and social development and for transforming organizational cultures. Search and accompanies people and organizations to flourish.