Inveterate dreamer, incorrigible entrepreneur, coach by vocation, salsa and any Caribben rhythms dancer, tango apprentice, rocker by tradition, Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher and practitioner, cook and bartender for daring and taste, traveler of Colombia and the world, reader for fun and eager to learn and explore; lover of “crossover” music, from Beethoven to Calvin Harris, faithful and constant swimmer, devoted to the well-prepared food, no matter where, juggling apprentice, cinema and theater lover. He’s dedicated to help people put inspiration into their life, to get the best version of themselves, to achieve what they propose, to be happy and effective. Supports entrepreneurs so that they can increase the chances of success in business. In Cauac he works with various organizations to find their sense of purpose, propose a competitive and sustainable strategy, lead from the empowerment and inspiration and to sell more.

Studied electrical engineering, and specialized in Transmission and Distribution of Electric Energy at the Andes University. He trained in strategy, NLP, trading, sales and marketing. Held management positions at companies like Electrificadora de Cundinamarca, Telecom, Celumóvil, BellSouth and Lucent Technologies, of which he hadresponsibility in Colombia and Venezuela. He has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in various sectors of the economy, from selling jeans and shirts to telecommunications services. Since 2008, he has advised national and multinational companies on strategy, sales and leadership. Occasional columnist on Portafolio newspaper and writes twice a month on his web page blog He has been a professor at the Andes University, Universidad del Rosario and Javeriana University. He is a consultant, facilitator and speaker. Personal, executive and corporate coach certified by The International School of Coaching (TISOC) Spain. He’s in the process of certification as Master expert coach. He was a national champion swimmer and a member of the Colombian national team between 1978 and 1983.