Activity: Consulting services

Size: Large Company

Type of work: Strategic Management Process with the management team.


In mid-2006 a new general manager was appointed with the responsibility ofgiving a new look and a strategic shift to the company, for the purpose of making it the leader in the implementation of Dynamics AX in Latin America.


Since it began working with CAUAC the following results and benefits are evident:

  • Redefining team vision, mission and values of the company. Identification of cultural priority, nuclear competition, strategic objectives and strategic processes.
  • The areas of the company have become aware that they are part of a process and not independent units.
  • Establishment of tactical and operational objectives formulated effectively with their respective action plans and performance indicators, which respond to the strategic foundations (vision, cultural priority, mission, values and nuclear competition) COLUMBUS IT PARTNER ANDINO.
  • Selecting a CRM software company.
  • All employees are focused on meeting the strategic fundamentals of the company.
  • The culture of the company is becoming to be more participatory and open. The delegation and autonomy have been strengthened.