Activity: Marketing and distribution of raw materials for the reinforced with fiberglass polyester industry and equipment.

Size: Medium Business

Job type: Family Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership empowering.


L.A. TEJADA had the need to give a direction to the organization from a family strategic direction. Some of these challenges (organizational and family) had to do with making a generational change, how to successfully pass the General Manager of the first to the second generation.

Despite having stable sales, the market showed increasing competition, so the relief brought about the need for a restructuring of the company to strengthen the team, consolidate and grow as a company.


Since they began working with CAUAC the following results and benefits are evident:

  • For the first year of work, there was an increase in sales of 19%.
  • As a result of more efficient targeting of customers, average sales are 42% higher than previous years.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of employees increased on average 21.3% since the programs began.
  • Since the program began, the company has increased the number of employees by 21%.
  • The generational transition was successful.
  • It was possible to establish a Board of Directors.
  • Strategic direction was defined from the family, which gives north to the company long term.
  • The company structure was redefined.
  • A culture of empowerment began to develop through a change in leadership style.