Activity: Development, production and marketing of the highest quality ice cream.

Size: Medium Business

Type of work: Strategic Planning


In 2007 they needed to consolidate its ice cream business and improve business performance, for which a well-structured plan was established. Essential process to achieve the results they sought.

  • Transformation of Popsy image in the market, especially as the leader of the gourmet ice cream category with the best consumer experience for its customers.
  • Implementation of a standardized operating model.
  • Increased sense of belonging and commitment of managers and coordinators.
  • 38% improvement in operating indicators being very close to the best possible rating.
  • 33% improvement in internal customer satisfaction, from the upper range.
  • Reduction of 31% of the operating cost.
  • Increased sales volume per store by 40%.
  • Growth of 78% in number of outlets.
  • Growth in profitability of 60%.