Activity: Printing values

Size: Big Company

Type of work: Strategic Planning, Maximizing Value, Empowering Leadership, Strategic Alignment.


THOMAS GREG & SONS DE COLOMBIA went through a situation of stagnation. After several years without sales growth, with low profitability, command and control leadership style and with the entry of new competitors, they needed to find new sources of growth.

They wanted to then begin a process of change and strengthening to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of the company through time.


Since they began working with CAUAC the following results and benefits were evident:

  • Average annual increase in sales by 25%, which has led to doubling sales over a period of 3 years.
  • As a result of more efficient targeting of customers, average sales to them are 27.4% higher than previous years.
  • A reduction in the first year of work in operating costs by 26%.
  • An increase in the first year of work in 33% yield.
  • Now 100% of sellers have a standardized methodology of consultative selling.
  • It has been developing a culture of empowerment, thanks to a new style of leadership.
  • There has been an alignment in strategic terms of all staff, which leads to having a criterion and a common orientation for all.
  • It has established a management culture.

“This experience has meant to me the beginning of a process of learning and a new level in my personal and professional development. This new level is perhaps even more important in a personal way because it determines the basis for my personal planning as a plan of life.

At the professional level, establishes assuming management challenges that not only measures my strategic skills but also tests my ability to execute. ”

Diego Guerrero

Sales Manager

Thomas Greg & Sons of Colombia